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Has everyone looked at the schedule for Thursday?

Thursday is jam-packed!

Club GTL1600, meet for a 9am photo. Details to follow. Watch the announcement board in the hotel lobby.

Wayne and Robin are doing a seminar on Long Distance Touring Success. This is a must-see, but, space is limited. I've ridden a lot. I know people who have ridden A LOT. THESE FOLKS HAVE RIDDEN A LOT! If you don't learn something, you ain't listenin'.

RIght after, our charity, Positive Energy Outdoors is hosting their open house. Go check out the amazing facility where children learn real life skills while enjoying the best of what nature has to offer. Talk with Steph and Blake and you'll realize why we were SO excited to be associated with them this year. Pet the sled dogs and draft horses. Race Blake up the rock wall!

Are you one of the lucky elitists to have a beautiful new 1600, or plan to get one soon? Garry's gonna demo an oil change at 3:30. We're having dinner in that room a short three hours later. No pressure Mr. Kramer. :eek:

Right after the open house, the leadership and volunteers from Positive Energy Outdoors are coming to the Radisson for a bike wash. For a donation at your discretion, they'll get that rolling bug-mobile looking like new. Shreeve and Mense - it's in the bylaws that you must have your bike washed. It's a "once a year, need it or not" rule.

Now, you've met the charity and you've had your bike made new again. :check:
Go check out the auction! We have some amazing corporate and personal donations.
I'm already amazed at the generosity, and I've only been privy to some of the information about donations.

Cocktails and music start at 5:30. :yeah:
Your badge is a must. :rulez:
Dinner will happen around 6p.

We'll worry about :sleep: after CCR!

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Man I need a nap after just reading all this. :histerica

BTW I still have know idea what this "Bike Wash" thing is you are talking about. But if it will help raise money then I'll try to "fake It". :rolleyes:
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