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Well here is a picture you will probable not see again - a Bridgestone Radial along side a Bridgestone Bias Ply

Why am I pitching - one a had a nail hole the other started to cup. I could have lived with
fixing the flat but cup tires drive me nuts but when I inspected the dates I had to move on.

Bridgestone tire engineer says pitch any tire on the LT that is over 7 years old

Bias ply tire was coming up on 5 years: DAA3807 - 38th weel of 2007
Radial tire was over 7 years old: DEJ4604 - 46th week of 2004

The ast set of Bridgestone Radials I ran - loved the tire - delaminated and started to rub on
the swing arm - Yikes!!

Note both tires made in Japan!!

Am I a pack rat or what . . .

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