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A much better term than "blipping" is rpm matching.

It's not just for downshifting, either. For example, I need to do it those times I attempt a 6-7 shift on my 6-speed bike.

It's really not just give it a "blip" and hope it works--rather it really is a process of getting the engine to the *correct* speed before clutch engagement. Close is better than idle, but exact is better yet. You don't have to let go of the throttle before engaging clutch.

I don't ride chain drive bikes, but there sure is zero problem doing it successfully on shaft drive BMWs and I'd recommend it for sure.

It's maybe a little bit more complicated on fuel-injected bikes than on carburetored Airheads, as the former can shut off all fuel flow during the process while the latter don't. The abrupt fuel cutoff is the real problem, NOT longitudinal crankshaft. That is, anything not smooth can cause problems, handling included.

RPM matching should be performed 100% of the time on anything with a manual transmission.

Today's supersophisticated super cars as in Mercedes AMG with auto transmission have computer systems to match rpms prior to downshift, which can be done manually or left to automation. Listen to a Formula One engine, too--it's rpm matching on downshifts.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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