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Thread 92767 on FD behavior

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Bought the LT in December, put 1000 miles on it in the first week or so of ownership. Noticed oil leaking out the breather and had it flatbedded to the dealership. Their diagnosis was that water had gotten into the FD and that was causing it to puke out that mixture. Three fluid swaps later and the gear oil is clean and the puking has stopped.

There is lateral runout that can be felt by holding the wheel at 9 and 3 and moving it back and forth, there is NO visible leakage from the FD.

Is there an easy way to determine if the movement is FD or swingarm related? If it's swingarm in nature, how critical a problem is it?

How do I consult with SWMBO and tell her there will be ANOTHER $500+ repair to a brand new (to me) bike?
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Lateral run out is most likely at the drive/swing arm junction. Those bearings are known to wear and beat dimples in the races. You can verify by having some one move the wheel while you (with the boot pulled back) watch/feel the attach point for the drive. Easy fix - reset the preload or replace bearings and reset the preload. DIY for about $60.00. If your source of play IS the rear drive you are already toast as they are tight right up to massive failure.
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