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A little while ago I posted about some QD's I'd found on the net Well, I finally got them (shorted one female and had to wait for it) and put them in. Firstly, they are longer than stock as someone pointed out. Since I was changing the air filter at the same time I just replaced the fuel lines from the tank and made them 2-3" longer. This gave me a perfect fit (BTW the fuel lines are 5/16", not 3/8"). As far as not being "high pressure" It may not say so on the web site but these are stainless steel and of the same design as air hose QD's. They will handle much higher pressures than the stock plastic QD's. Another advantage of these QD's is that all O rings are internal, you won't nick/cut one putting them together. The flow orifice is the same size as the plastic ones, so there is no problem getting enough gas to the engine.
One thing to mention about them is that they "could" come uncoupled if the female lock sleeve gets bumped (unlikely) in the unlock direction hard enough. As an added measure of security I put a ziptie behind the sleeve. There is just enough room between the sleeve and the fitting body/nut for the ziptie. Now there is no chance of it accidentally coming uncoupled.

I've taken the bike out and ridden it around, no leaks or problems to report.
If you go this route, make sure you use fuel line for fuel injection.
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