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Several years ago I read a post on this forum from someone who had purchased some small 12V LED modules and wired them into some lighting circuit. I picked up on the idea and bought some and wired them in as mirror-mounted, rear-pointing supplemental turn signals. The modules were six-led, wired and fully potted, with mounting "ears" that needed to be cut off, and some side flanges that needed to be sanded for surface mounting. I've attached a picture of the one I have, which has been modified as I noted.

I need to replace one of those units and I can't figure out what they were. And I haven't been able to find that forum post, either. Do any of you recognize yourself from that description, and can help me out? If I remember correctly the actual unit was buried deep in a website somewhere that wasn't obvious. The website looks familiar but I can't find the units on their website.

If I have to I'll just buy two more and replace both, but one is easier than two.

Thanks in advance.



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