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Subject: Fw: The drunk
Date: Thu, 20 Oct 2005 10:03:48 -0500

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Subject: The drunk



Subject: The Drunk

A Kentucky State Trooper pulled a car over on I-65 about 2 miles north of the Kentucky/Tennessee State line.
When the Trooper asked the driver why he was speeding, the driver answered that he was a magician and a juggler and he was on his way to Nashville to do a show that night at the Opryland and didn't want to be late.
The Trooper told the driver he was fascinated by juggling, and if the driver would do a little juggling for him that he wouldn't give him a ticket.
The driver told the Trooper that he had sent all of his equipment on ahead and didn't have anything to juggle.
The Trooper told him that he had some flares in the trunk of his patrol car and asked if he could juggle them.
The juggler stated that he could, so the Trooper got three flares, lit them and handed them to the juggler.
While the man was doing his juggling act, a car pulled in behind the patrol car, a good old boy drunk ******* from Kentucky, got out and watched the performance briefly, he then went over to the patrol car, opened the rear door and got in.
The Trooper observed him doing this and went over to the patrol car, opened the door and asked the drunk what he thought he was doing.
The drunk replied, "You might as well take my ass to jail, cause there's no way in hell I can pass that test."

Bob Schrader
Wentzville, Mo.
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