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Always what I think after I do something on the LT that I wasn't looking forward to.

Was not looking forward to adding some brake fluid to the main reservoir(s). Looked like such a daunting task for such a simple thing. But, after it was all done, didn't seem like a big deal. Took off the passenger rest, undid a few screws, and had enough room to get in there and work.

I did make me a little assisting tool to slurp up brake fluid using one of my larger syringe bodies and a long piece of small fuel line. Just did things several ml at a time.

I'm hoping to undertake Spieglers soon and hope I feel the same way afterwards. I just had to do my GS with Galfers due to a rupture from a clogged return hole and it was pretty easy, but it was a 95.

I started down this path as a couple times I got brake warnings and I narrowed it down to heavily activating the the back brakes. Sure enough when I figured out how to check, both halves of the reservoir were low, with the one towards the rear of the bike lower and actually just a touch darker (though nowhere like the GS!) Which is another reason the wife needs to disburse funds for the Spieglers sooner... it would be prudent to do the lines and flush and bleed all at the same time.

Anyway, so far I've not found anything as hard as I'd thought it would be in my mind. Lets just hope that holds out and/or I don't have to do any real hard work. =]
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