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TFT version of R1250RT

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Does anyone know what’s the latest TFT firmware software version motorrad has released for the R1250RT 2022 bike?
Been emailing with customer support of Motorrad USA for several days. They don’t know…which is quite strange. It’s not listed anywhere online.
I know my firmware version, but looking to find out what is the newest version BMW released.
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If you let them know that your are having "issues with connectivity" wink...wink...they will not charge you. I had mine done. Their computer initially said it would take 14 hours, but ended up being 45 min.
Will be interesting to see if they handle updates this way after our warranties run out. Another couple years before we find out...
I think you need to get your head around the design concept with this one - the TFT screen is exactly what it says on the tin, its just a screen. It isn’t a computer, a tablet or a smart phone. It doesn’t require software updates. The TFT works exactly like it should, it displays information about your bike. The extra option is that it is also designed to display information from your connected phone and this is where the need for software updates to stabilise the connection between your phone and motorcycle come in.

BMW run the philosophy that if it isn’t broke then there is no need to fix it. This means you are not automatically entitled to software updates. If a fix is needed, somebody somewhere has got to pay for it. If you (or your dealer) can demonstrate that the connection between your phone and bike is not stable enough in general use (there will always be the odd glitch with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi), your dealer will claim the cost of the software update from BMW under warranty. Without the authorisation, you or your dealer will have to cover the costs.

The TFT software updates (with one exception that added programmable favourite buttons) will not add any extra features to your bike, they have only dealt with the stability of the bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections. Once it becomes stable for you, that will be the end of your need to have TFT software updates in the eyes of BMW.

Which brings me onto the other side of the design concept - the connected app. This is where all the processing takes place, this is the computer behind it all, this is where regular updates will add features and bug fixes to the navigation system. The navigation started as a simple A to B navigation but over time journey types, waypoints, import and export etc, etc have been added to the app. BMW respond to user requests and slowly add the features - but the features are added to the connected app not the TFT screen. And as we all know, the connected app updates are completely free of charge where the user has ability to choose when to update via a visit to the App Store. Free over the air updates without having to visit a dealer.

So once bluetooth and Wi-Fi stability is sorted, which I think it is getting there for the majority of users for the majority of the time, all your future software updates will be free of charge ‘connected app’ updates.
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There is something else to consider. When I got my bike serviced in March they said my software was up to date so no update for me.

When I got home I checked it with the latest version (from this forum) and found out I was behind.

I rang the dealer and he said "The bike software was up to date but the was an update for the Infotainment system."

I got the impression that BMW have a version for the bike e.g. suspension, ride modes etc. and a separate update for the Navigation system etc. Anyway, I had to bring the bike down again and get the latest version.
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Yes David, this is exactly the point I was making.

When you take your bike in for a service, there is a duty of care that they check for product and safety recalls - so software updates for suspension failures and the like will get done. My post was more specifically about the TFT software updates and some reassurance that future product enhancement to the navigation system should be via the connected app, which all things being equal, will be free and available to the user without a visit to the dealer.

Your dealer, under the policy of if it isn’t broke no need to fix it, was probably correct to tell you that there was no (need) for a TFT software for your bike. They decided to help you when you later challenged this. But despite the no doubt good relationship you have with your dealer, they are in the business of making money. Any dealer worth their salt, given the well documented problems will know exactly what to write on a warranty claim for at least an hours worth of labour just for plugging a computer in and pressing a couple of buttons. Easy money. But there will eventually be a push back from BMW and they will start to challenge the warranty claims, wanting the dealer to demonstrate the problems before they agree to pay for the fix. I can see this ending in your dealer having to provide photographs or video to support the claim. Then we will hear the phrase ‘there is no software update available for your bike’ quite a lot more often.
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I got the impression that BMW have a version for the bike e.g. suspension, ride modes etc
Spot on. When you plug in a GS911 for instance, you can get the various software versions from all the computers on the bike.
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I just got the latest update (for TFT) and the only change I have noticed is I now have no volume control using the wheel, and map instruction are not happening. I have them selected as yes in Settings.
I only see the volume bar on startup and it's set at 50%. After that if I adjust the wheel I get nothing..
I am running PTBold from TFT as GPS. Can make and receive phone calls and hear music. All sound controlled by PTB only. (I could never get music adjustments other than mute using wheel previously. Now nothing. I have a button (1of4) set to mute and it still works.
As an aside the update was part of 20K service. After riding for 10 kms I got a low oil warning. Checked the oil and sure enough abt 3 mm in the glass. Guess they forgot to add the oil!!
Glad I hadn't headed out on a trip.
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I took a ride today and stopped in at my BMW dealer. According to the service manager there's another firmware update available for the 2021 and up bikes. I guess some bikes are throwing codes when there's nothing wrong with the system. He couldn't give me the firmware version number but he had the ISTA diagnostic version number and it's different from the 50 version. I'm having it done next week I'll post the results.
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Just had my 21RT serviced today and yes, there is another software update. However, it’s an update to correct an error which is why you will find BMW automatically providing the update when you next have a service. Apparently after a catastrophic rear suspension failure, the warning light came up in yellow (usually meaning it’s okay to continue but be careful) when it should have come up in red (stop immediately). The update is just to correct the colour of the warning.

Mine is now showing TFT software version 013_013_020.

I’ve been through the main menus and I can’t see anything else that has changed in terms of added functionality or features at the moment.
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