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:confused: I have 2011 rt since I got it the i-pod connection has been a little finicky
I've tried 2 different cables (one is the "official" bmw cable) and 2 different i-pods.

Here's what it's doing if I start bike it says 'no usb' and no matter what I do I can't get it to recognize i-pod (but it does recognize flash drive) I have to shut bike off for 2-3 minutes then turn bike on but not start and the usb i-pod shows up then I start the bike and it's fine.
But if I turn sterio off when I put it back on it's iffy if the i-pod shows up.

Sounds kinda dumb but if anyone has a good suggestion I'm all ears.
I'm going to dealer next month but I would like to solve prob before then.

Thanks in advance
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