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Tech day successes and near misses

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The tech day at Dan Martins was fantastic! I learned a lot, met new friends and even helped out a little. Definitely a good thing! I changed coolant (worked well after). Removed wires from air box temperature sensor (cured low speed missing but not the miss from 6500 up). Did a cannisterectomy (was not planning on doing this). Moved tour trunk to rear position. Cleaned and lubed fuel float connector (not sure if it helped yet or not). Learned how to remove/replace "Tupperware" (huge PITA but still a major plus). Watched a final drive seal/bearing/shimming operation (not as scary as first thought). Helped change and balance tires. Now all I have to do before Sedalia is change trans and final drive juice, install trailer hitch and wire in some farkles. Thanks Fred for selling me the Tank Bag and the manual is greatly appreciated. All in all a great time. Thanks Dan for putting this on!


PS: For the first time I feel the need to name this bike. I have decided to call her Latifah.
The reason being, she has a big butt, but man can that fat lady sing!
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