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Hello all,
it is me again with data gathering surveys that may help the K1200LT community.
This issue came up when someone I know was looking for a used replacement gearbox on EBAY.

Many years ago, I was made aware via a Service-Bulletin of the numbering scheme used for serial numbers stamped on Gearbox for K1200 (brick-engine only). As many of you know, for the K1200LT the ratio of the last gear (5th) was changed at a certain point AND at same time they also changed / adapted the ratio of final drive (around late 2000 or early 2001).

There are contradictions in BMW parts catalog about the date change (Month-year) and I suspect it was done at same time as the introduction of IABS (with servos). Contrary to the engine serial numbers, the Gearbox stamped number are only sequential production number PLUS a suffix of 3 letters. The last of these 3 letters is either an A, B or C as far as I can tell (based on data I have).

The Service-bulletin says the last letter denotes a change of Ratio ..AND / OR.. a change of color... that is all they say.
Of course, we know the early gearbox are black and later gearbox are grey/silver painted.

(1) could you post the full number stamped on your Gearbox AND color
(2) ALSO include the Month-Year of production of your K1200LT (this is located under seat on a metal plate).
(3) ALSO include the numbers stamped on top of your rear-drive (should be 33/12 or 34/13)
(4) ALSO include if you have the IABS with servos (front Calipers are marked BMW in such case)

Gearbox serial in on lower right side, near the clutch bell housing junction (see attached photo taken on a K1200RS). Yours will have a "H" instead of the "F" shown in photo. See 2nd photo for location on TOP of rear-drive.

Thank You !


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