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My bil (Grateful Don Potter) is playing at a gig in downtown Saratoga on Sunday with his band, Chubby's Allstars. They're scheduled from 11-5pm. It's the towns 2nd Annual Classic Car Show. I want to get there around 11am and stay a couple hours, eat in town somewhere then go up the Santa Cruz mountains and come home the long way. Probably get home around 6pm latest. Those that may drive are welcome too. I want you all to meet my sis Sue and Don. I'm as proud of them as I am of all of you. It's nice driving in those hills and probably lot's of other stuff to see and do along the way. Especially the big trees.

Here is the bands website and the event website:

I will be leaving around 9am at the West Sac. Eppies and stop at the mothball fleet to take a coffee disposal break on the way. Maybe in the afternoon, stop for a coffee/ice cream break before heading home.

I went alone last year and couldn't believe the amount of motorcycles in those parts. My arm was tired from waving all day. Plus, that's the day I came upon a motorcycle that hit a tree that had just come down in the middle of the road. I had posted pictures of the tree and bike after I got home.

Don Potter is a radio personality at KUIC in Vacaville.
Saratoga's 2nd Annual Classic Car Show Sunday July 24th

1. Roger*

*Bring a folding chair. Not any place to sit. We'll probably get in a couple sets of music and then want to go for a ride. That's my plan anyway.:)

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Sounds like good fun Roger. I'll be in Monterey for the races though. You be safe and have a great time!!
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