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1. The installation of the aftermarket skid plate with engine and tank guards on the KLR was completed. In order for the skid plate to fit, the stock skid plate tabs that were welded to the frame had to be cut off and the welds ground down. My poor little Black and Decker version of a dremel did the trick, though I am not sure it was intended to ever work that hard.

2. The Radar detector Ram Mount and electrics are on the Gold Wing. As the Red River Round up approaches I will now have a Valentine One on the bike for the trip. Electrical parts were simple and except for dropping a vital screw from the handlebar raceway down into some unaccessable crevice (where it wil stay) things went pretty smoothly.

Thankfully, one of the screws I replaced with a bolt and lock tite on the KLR was EXACTLY perfect to replace it. So the Honda is now a little bit Kawasaki. I still have to order the accessory adapter from Valentine, and get the speakers into a helmet so I can hear it.

Thanks to Nathan for coming over and helping me complete the two projects.
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