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strange noise?

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On my way home through Ohio from Boston to Milwaukee, I heard a low noise, in time with the engine as I slowed down at the end of an exit. Can't hear it while driving, seems to run fine at speeds up to 80 with no performance issues. All fluids clean, no leaks anywhere.
Sounds somewhat like an engine or transmission area when i lean over to listen. It's definitely new. stopped at Cleveland BMW and they think it could be a bearing in the transmission? they ruled out final drive, and not any seals leaking. Put it on the computer and there are no issues at all.

As i downshift is when i hear it the most-almost a rhythmic RRR as I slow down. when I pull in the clutch, it is softer, but still present

Ideas? it's sitting at the dealer in Milwaukee for help.

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at what RPM? 5K? if so.. the A-typical LT rumble...

New tires? Metz?
tires are nearly ready to replace-I thought that could be it but dealer said no

the RPMs are not nearly 5K. i notice it at much lower-

davebullock said:
tires are nearly ready to replace-I thought that could be it but dealer said no

the RPMs are not nearly 5K. i notice it at much lower-

I'm guessing if you have Metz 880's, that is youur issue. I just changed to Avons due to that. Metz are GREAT tires, I just don't like the hum they give out after some wear....

Try leaning the bike at low speeds (20-40) and see if it changes...If it does, then you know...
I'm quite sure it is your front tire where the noise comes from. If they wear down it develops this kind of howling noise if you lean in to corners even more. Is not a point to worry just keep on going as long as you have some tread left on the rubber.

+1 in it sounding like its the front tire. My Metz front has 60% tread left on it and it howls. I just turn up the stereo because it's all ok. I have a Metz on my VTX as well and that howls a bit too. For what it's worth, I had an Avon Venom R on my VTX and when it reached less than 40% tread left, it howled in corners like the dickens.

Hope this helps. If you're really worried about it being a transmission thing, change the transmission oil and see if there are any specs in the old oil. I suspect all will be fine.
I agree with all here also on the tire issue.
When mine get to the end of their life I hear the same noise. You can also feel in the corners as the tires wear.
Input shaft bearing on the tranny will make some noise as it is going south. Usually it sounds like a bucket of rocks until you pull in the clutch then it should go away.
when I pull in the clutch the sound got less, but didn't go away totally.

thanks for all these suggestions-I'm leaning toward the tire but in 65 K of Metzlers, I've never heard this sound

Check out this post. I ended up replacing his input shaft bearing. Noise
the dealer told me today that the final drive was the reason for the noise. Strange, since the noise really feels more up front. I'm a little confused and almost want to tell them not to do the work.

thanks for all your posts-helpful. I wish it were just a tire!

If it's a bag of rocks rattle at idle, my '05 makes this kind of noise which also reduces when the clutch lever is pulled. Parked next to an '02 and an '03, those bikes are quiet (idle with that jet whine) and mine has the jet whine with the rattle noise over it. I had thought this was due to large variances in the helical cut gears and that I shouldn't worry. I'll be doing the weep hole soon - should I go further and get into the tranny input shaft bearing? I have a 3000 mile ride to Nova Scotia and back coming up in August - should I be worried? How much further than the weep hole work is replacing the tranny input bering?

Now I'm worried......
To pull the tranny requires you to drop the engine/tranny unit in the back to clear the frame. So you need the rest of the tupperware off and the fuel tank. I removed the fuel rail and throttle bodies so I could tilt the thing down without interference. The tranny is pretty easy to dissasemble but not like you would think. You don't remove the cover from the case rather you remove the case from the cover. But you can feel it in the bearing once you remove the tranny.

Oh yeah my 05 is awful noisey at idle compared to many other LTs I have been around. It is the K Bike "Rattle". The crank drives a gear that drive the gear on the alternator that drive the output shaft. Lots of unloaded gears to bang around at idle.


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I know I posted it here, but to be honest I'm not going to search for it... I'm lazy!

Here are a few snaps of the break down to get to the GearBox...

Its not too difficult, but scary as hell when:
A. ~ You do it yourself
B. ~ You look back at the parts you've got off the bike by the time you get to the GearBox... :cool:
Well, thanks for all your thoughts, suggestions, and response. It was the bearing in the final drive that had started to go, and the sound must have transferred forward.
But the final bill of $686 wasn't as bad as i thought it would be.

good service at Milwaukee BMW, and I'm riding again.

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