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Steering Damper Leaking????

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There are times, when there are no leaks, Then, mysteriously a gooey spot left of the front wheel. Finally got out the petzl headlamp, and reading glasses. It appears there is a leak from the damper.

So, I think the seals are bad. From what I understand, they are not serviceable. Suggestions. Also, I have been riding the bike and haven't noticed any issues. Is it safe to ride?
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Safe to ride as long as you keep at least one hand on the bars. Look again carefully. Check the top seal of the left slider on your fork. That may be where your leak is.
+1 Yes is save to ride even without the damper but as said before at least one hand on the bar. There is some repair stuff on the market because it is all metric sice standard. Also is a Thread on the forum how to repair that, couldn't find it.

There are also members here on the forum, CochinoSucio comes to mind, that will swap out your damper for a rebuilt one. IIRC, it is under $50, including shipping. Might send him a PM and confirm availability and price.
Thanks all.... I found the part, but it's way too pricey. Apparently, the Germans are charging a large uplift, and require large, minimum orders. I found rebuild instructions, and will do it during an off period. I also order some cheaper seals, and plan on comparing them.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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