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Been off the list for a while tackling my first major project(s) on my '99 I bought a few months ago with 92K miles at the time. Installing a J&M CB Intercom and mounting a GPS were the original objectives.

Tore in trying to figure out wiring routes. Finally realized pulling the tank would make for a better, final installation of power and antenna wires.

Pulled the bent fuel probe (bought with the stuck gauge affliction) and fixed that....
Installed some low mileage shocks I'd acquired, since the tank was off.
Pulled the charcoal canister and found some mouse chewed wiring.

Finally got it all back together.

Project summary:

J&M Intercom/CB
Covered jacks front and rear
Audio input from GPS, radio tap, and iPod lead
Relayed power-up at key on for GPS and J&M
FireStick antenna installed
CB-FM antenna mixer istalled

GPS mount on sting ray
Fixed collapsed fuel probe
Removed charcoal canister
Installed low mileage shocks

Figured two weekends.....HA! Ended up some weeks of spare time. But finally finished and I'm enjoying the heck out of the bike now.



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Well done Jeff! Now go out and ride the wheels off of it.

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