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Ive asked alot of questions of many on this, and finally landed on an approach that uses all the best ideas for the various items involved in integrating a Starcom1 Advance system, a Garmin Zumo 660 and a new aux-in port into my '05. I'm about half way into it right now. All I can say is wow - there's a lot of wiring to do - it's quite the loom that this job creates. Some will say "you should have just gone bluetooth", but i really like the wired system simplicity and clarity versus needing to charge etc. Oh and I already had all the Starcom system and accessories, so I just had to use it as its an excellent intercom system. I'm also including smartphone wired integration (again, already had what I needed) and a Motorola 2-way radio integration with PTT. In addition the Garmin Zumo 660 will be my music player as well as nav system, and this will play both through the Aux selection of the BMW audio system as well as into the Starcom itself into our helmets. All inputs and splitting of signals are isolated so I'm hoping this will work well. This is likely the most ambitious integration I've ever done. We'll see soon if I'm a hero or a zero......

Here's the list, in no particular order, that I've had to do:
1. Mount plug in points for intercom to helmet connection. Tupperware off, lots of Dremel work and very careful drilling
2. Add aux-in port to oddments box (requires amplification). Follow instructions on an older post on the K1200LT forum for wiring in the BMW E46 car aux port. Looks very professional. But because it needs amplification, required cutting wires to mount the right plugs etc. lots of multimeter checking and soldering.
3. Mount amplifier for aux-in into the BMW system (I'm using an Amplirider - $63)
4. Bulld mixer for wiring GPS (Zumo 660) audio out into aux input to feed the intercom so that each line is isolated but mixed. Lots of finicky soldering. Look up for the mixer instructions, search for "Altoids Mixer" and what I did will show up. I used a mini Altoids tin - very cute and very small. this will allow the GPS to play on the BMW "aux" setting as well as in the headset.
5. Wire up a relay to switched power (heated seats) for the intercom and the amp
6. make up remote volume control for Starcom1 because the little Starcom1 box handlebar mount version really doesn't fit an LT very well. Uses a 10k linear potentiometer and some soldering to a stereo 3-wire cable to match the Starcom1. I mounted this inside my oddments box (required removal of my stingray and radio disassembly, careful drilling, dremel work and more silicone caulk).
7. Mount the 2-way radio PTT (push to talk) button. I'm not satisfied with this yet - might have to find a BMW original PTT switch and mount as the Starcom PTT design doesn't fit very well.
8. 2-way radio wire - run into oddments box. More Dremel work, drilling, silicone for waterproofing etc...
9. Smartphone wire - run into oddments box. Yep, more Dremel work (and silicone etc).
10. Run wires to where I mounted intercom box (next to rear suspension preload adjuster). This requires a lot of wires to make it easy to disassemble

I'm getting close to the point of testing all this. It's been a long 2 days so far..... Follow up report soon ( a little more mounting and drilling to go before I get to the test).
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