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Ok, so I found the speedo error fix links on this site, the problem is that none of them work. Every link is trying to access a page on which does not seem to be a working site. Does anyone have any scope on this? Specifically I would like to see the post by randy about doing the speedo fix without removing the gauges.

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I have had a ticket in for 4 months now to try and recover the old .net stuff, they are all too busy. But are you after the correction for the speedo error? If so I have the pictures of the jumpers on the speedo card. I don't remember Randy's post but I do not see how you could do this without popping the speedo out of the cluster.

Here are some additional pictures I have.

I also have Randy's post notes:

Speedo mods

In order to get to the speedometer you must remove the following:

1) Right and left upper fairings
2) Windshield
3) Upper cowling cover
4) Loosen and move the radio stingray back slightly.
4) Dash front bezel
5) Front nosepiece (it could be done without removal of this part but it will be difficult to get to the screws on the rear of the instrument cluster)

Remove the bolts retaining the lower portion of the instrument cluster at the lower right and left corners. You will probably need to loosen the right hand speaker so you can get to the right-hand speedometer retaining bolt. Push the instrument cluster out of the upper center rubber bushing. You will need to remove the cluster front cover. First, unscrew the odometer reset button. Lay a towel or shop cloth across the area in front of the cluster to protect the face from scratches. Then rotate the instrument cluster forward and upwards as much as the wiring will allow. You may find that you have to disconnect the wiring to the top of the tachometer. All of the wiring on the cluster is attached with screws. These screws also are used to mount the instruments inside the cluster. If you do remove any of the screws to remove wiring I would do them one at a time and thread the screw back into the cluster. You then need to remove the small black screws (6) around the edge of the cluster (from the back). Remove the clear cover and set it aside. Be careful when handling the cluster from now on as the pointers of the gauges are exposed and fragile. Now remove the 4 screws from the back of the cluster that are directly behind the speedometer. The speedometer may now be removed from the cluster for modification.

The speedometer needs to be jumpered at the locations marked "JB" and "JC". You can use small wire jumpers or 0-ohm SMD resistors as the factory did. I used small pieces of jumper wire. This will reduce the indicated speed by approximately 10%. If you feel like that percentage will cause the speedometer to under report you may also remove the jumper at "JA". With the Bridgestone BT-020 tires and the jumpers addded at "JB" and "JC" and left in place at "JA" my speedometer is accurate from 30 -100mph within about 1mph.

Understand that the odometer will not be affected by this procedure. It will have an over reporting error of around 2%.

Credit to Jack Hawley for originally posting this modification and to David Shealey for further research.

Attached are some pictures of the process.

Just ride it!

Randy Prade
Aurora, CO


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