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These gearboxes are NOT synchronized. You have a more considerable amount of control in a corner under power versus not under power. Shifting with the clutch will prolong the power phase in a corner resulting in less control. This small control loss may be just enough to get out of shape (so to speak) resulting in going down.
Speed shifting will not hurt the drive train if done properly, however if not done properly it could result in damage. Just before shifting put a small amount of pressure on the shift lever in the direction of the next higher gear and blip the throttle off and then back on while holding the pressure on the shift lever. You will feel it slip into the next gear. When you roll the throttle back on release the pressure on the shift lever. Myself when I do this I won't back the throttle completely off, just enough to put a little slack in the tranny so the gears can slide into the next range. Once you get the feel for this it will be positive shifts and no false neutral. I don't float the tranny all the time just when my left hand is busy doinh something else when time to shift.
When I was racing I would NEVER use the clutch except for taking off or stopping. On my racing bikes I would undercut the dogs and mating holes on all my meshing gears so as to to guarantee no miss shifts. In a nutshel, You can float the tranny without damage on any motorcycle or manual shift vehicle if done properly. Just get the feel and be gentle.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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