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Some thoughts about the R1200R

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I have a 2009 R1200RT that I absolutely love to ride. Every time I finish a trip and get off of the bike, I'm thinking about my next ride. As I grow older, riding has become one of my favorite pastimes, hobbies so to speak. More recently, I decided that I would like a second bike with a somewhat different ride. On impulse, I purchased a 2010 Triumph Triple R. Though a fun bike to ride, it was too much of a street bike, and after only about a half hour on the road, I couldn't wait to dismount...not looking forward to remounting. As fate would have it, due to dealer complete mismanagement, I was able to trade the Street Tripple for a 2011 Sprint GT. The reviews on that bike were phenomenal, and my first rides seemed to corroborate the reviews. It is a bike with a lot of spirit and a lot of machine for the money. However, as I age, I find that I cannot be comfortable over any period of time with the lean forward that this bike demands. I looked for a fix and found that because of the way the fairing is put together, a 1 inch rise of the bars was going to be very difficult to do, if even possible, and I didn't think that my arthritis was going to be satisfied with only one inch.

So I bit the bullet. I decided to trade the Triumph Sprint for a BMW R1200R. I tried to deal locally with Morton's BMW, but they were penny wise and pound foolish (another story about that :wave :wave :wave :wave goodbye). I ended dealing with Steve Mauk at MaxBMW in Brunswick, NY. :) :) :) :) I had dealt with Steve back in 2009 when I purchased my R1200RT and felt very comfortable with him. He made me a deal that put Morton's to shame, including transportation of my Sprint to Max and my R1200R to my door.

Although the R and RT are cousins, they are much different creatures. No question that the RT is the choice of bike for long distance rides, namely touring, if you want something that you can ride all day long and enjoy. But the R has “spirit,” and after making a few after market additions, it almost as comfortable as the RT. My arthritis say ahhhhhh.

I would outline the additions that I have made to this bike, but this forum seems...well for lack of any better word, lame. If you would like to know what I have added, pm me. :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance:

2009 R1200RT
2012 R1200R
2011 335i
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Nothing like a naked bike for fun rides. I take a few steps back,my favorite bike is my '95 R100R, the R1200RT sits most of the time.
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