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I was looking for a replacement for my Shoei X-11. The helmet was great, but it was too loud. And by loud, I mean that behind my 24 inch CeeBaily Wing Euro screen on the 09 LT, the engine noise would wear me down hour after hour.

I can use earplugs, but I was hoping for a helmet that would reduce the engine noise by a few decibles.

I tested each helmet on the Bike over a multi hour ride in 90 deg humid nightime weather.

I first tried the Shoei Quest; A wonderful helmt; Airflow was good with the screen up, and fit profile was typical shoei. Helmet was the most quiet of all the helmets I tried. Very well insuilated. They did a great job. Trouble was, the taller profile and no wing had my head bobbing back and forth at 80mph and above. Way too much turbulance.

I moved the the coveted schuberth c3 .Great Great Helmet; BUT: Airflow was good at the neck, but I was hot and flow sucked when compaired to all the other helmets reviewed here. It did not 'bobble, so it was really steady. The neck protection bothered me. Again, no flow. But then, as I tried it over and over, the failing of the helmet came through. It was front heavy; Very front heavy. The neck strain would be immense on a IBA ride. My head kept dropping forward. And I got tired due to the heat in the helmet. Now the helmet is touted as quiet. And it is, but it is primarily due to the neck material not letting wind or noise in. The helmet material did not insulate the sound as well as the Quest. Quest was really quiet like you had sound deadening material used in auto audio.

Arai RX-Q Helmet -Now this was a light, small, stable, helmet. It had the best airflow. Was the most balanced, and was comfortable. A very good helmet. Trouble was, the sound was slightly less noise than the X-11 from a 'engine noise' perspective. If it had the Quest sound proofing, I'd have kept it.

SO, In order.

Quest- Quietest;
C3 Best for sport type lean forward, no windscreen
Arai, best balance, lightest, etc.

So...earplugs to the rescue.

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