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What was your solution to the 21 TFT and BMW App

So what did you do about the TFT and BMW App?

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Lets see what we did
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I got a Zumo XT and got it a phone too.
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You should now have multiple selections so if you have done both a Garmin and a phone you can check both boxes.

I guess most guys who put an XT on the bike did it last year (I almost did). If you have experience of the XT and App (particularly with a dedicated phone) would you have made the same decision or run with the App?
Put XT on like ealdous34 because of App shortcomings and just so much better.
With 4.2.2 the map mode drops off and then shows Connected App disconected on the TFT about 1-2 times per hour of riding. After about 20-30 seconds it comes back. Previous version didn't do this. Samsung S22+
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Even Harley does theirs by USB and you do it yourself.
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