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shotgun said:
I slip my clutch a lot in parking lots and sharp turns to stay upright, I read on this forum that slipping the clutch burns the clutch up fast. I cannot afford to have to replace the clutch, but I do not want to fall either. What do you guys think?
Depends. If you are @2,500 rpm slipping the clutch - alot. It is not going to last long. But normal parking lot manuvers are OK. I really don't seem to ever need to slip it at all, maybe on a sharp U turn but usually I just manage the energy with the throttle and brakes. I lean the bike over in the space and pull it back up with the throttle. Try it out some time with lots of space no need to slip at all. Gradualy work up to a sharper drop but start out shallow and maintain control with the throttle. Lean in - pull up. Once you master it you will be amazed.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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