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The headlight and some other lights ground thru the starter. When you push the start button the load shed relay drops out and kills the headlight. I would check the load shed relay and make sure that the starter is grounded properly. I do not have a k100 wiring diagram anymore so I cannot get more specific. When I had my k100 I put a switch on the ground side of the load shed relay so I could turn the light off when I serviced the bike. You definitely have lost a ground some where you might try unplugging the various connectors under the tank and cleaning them. The headlight is not fused.
Good Luck.

donnaiwanna said:
I have a 86 K100RT The engine won't turn over, Installed a new starter and the starter relay, Now I am hearing a spinning noise from something when I hit the start button.

AND, the headlight is not working nor are the turn signals. When I hit a turn signal the dash lights both indicators and the on side long as I hold it. Once I let go all turn indicators and signals go out. What does work is the park lamp, tail lamp and all idiot lights. I've checked each fuse and they are good....ANY Ideas as to what happened?
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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