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I'm guessing there are two (or three) unrelated issues -- the load shed (relief) relay is exactly where I'd look for the headlight issue. The turn signal issue may/may not be related; let us know whether it is fixed when you address the load relief relay. The fact that it sounds like the load relief relay AND the turn signal unit have issues would make me want to inspect their respective plugs for corrosion/shorting.

On the starter, the flying brick K's are well known for the sprag clutch between the starter and the flywheel "sticking" and not transferring starter torque to the flywheel -- the starter works fine; it will sit there and spin all day. The only "for sure" fix is a real pita: split the engine and intermediate housing to access and clean out the sprag rollers/springs. Before doing that, many have had some success with using various chemicals to try to dissolve the sticky deposits which are preventing the sprag's rollers from moving as needed. I'd suggest a search of the BMWMOA K-bike forum for examples of different approaches.

Good luck!
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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