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NomDePlume said:
What is your point? I don't follow?
Ok, Nom... I asked what you think....

So, as a courtesy, I'll go first....

I understand we have been influenced on this side of the pond from our inception from all over the world... this is not a "new" wisdom I'm professing.... I submit the following

Perhaps we Americans are indeed, "the melting pot". Whether we are "The Great American" one, time and history will tell.

I believe it serves us well to have awareness of our history and heritage, it can serve to heal and bond us.... whereas ignorance has a way of driving us apart... like water freezing in a stone, first it seeps in, then hardens with the coldness of isolationism and elitism.... and expands causing irreparable rifts.

My family has roots from the sword masters and serfs serving the Kings of France and eventually becoming part of the "Cajuns of South Louisiana".... Roots in service to Kings of Spain, Kings of England...

Heck, we may even be cousins!!! I even have a cousin who MOVED BACK!...

I applaud and encourage the "unification" of Europe... and wouldn't it be grand if, someday, we could banish all strife and unify?

For some time, I've heard folks speaking of the EU in such glowing and "last great hope for Mankind" tomes... and so I turned my open ears and eyes to understand the legitimacy and benefits being sought.

Even within the United States we have division of opinion... yet, when I read things like this regarding the EU and it seems the stage is being set for some kind of "peace"... but not the peace that is everlasting... it is a peace which SEEMS to be one of slavery for the masses and reconstitution of power with the elite.... not a power of grace and mercy.... It is similar to what is being done to America by the perversion of the separated branches of government where the Judicial Branch is allowed to make law.

And so I ask the question... "ya think?", because I really do hope and pray for the EU's success.... but not at the costs being levied... on you and us...

The great civilizations of the world influence us to this day. The lifeblood being what the American Founding Fathers set forth.... "We hold these truth's to be self evident...."

It was in America that the United Nations was formed, it's roots and cause in great virtue... and the possibilities as so well articulated in Mr. Hayes' speech I linked above.

Our futures, to be kind, are similar.... so, where has the experience of all our history led us today and leading us tomorrow.... and who's pulling the strings?

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I knew absolutely nothing about this, so I read a little.

This little article makes it look like a bad thing.

Certainly not as Democratic as we here in the US would feel it should be. Looks like a power struggle among the leaders to insure their future at the possible high cost to the citizens.

Now, if someone can post something that makes it look better??

As quoted many times: "The US democracy may not be the best government in the world, but it is ahead of whatever is in second place."

Yes, we certainly have our problems, but I would not trade them for others. Looks like the EU is trying to be pointed toward "Kingdomship". Won't likely happen (too many king hopefuls), but certainly will be a trying time during the struggles.

At least here in the US we have it narrowed down to two hopefuls, poor choices as they both may be. :eek:

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There is a push to make even bigger governments than we have now. Bigger is better. It is, for those in power, but not for free-minded people.

The better path, and I think one that we will go down almost inevitably, is the reduction of the size of government. More, smaller countries. The problems caused by having more countries was the government regulations and restrictions on international trade. To get around all these hassles, governments form all-encompassing entities that allows us to avoid some of these, such as NAFTA, the EU, etc. . Another way would be to simply remove these restrictions, but that takes power out of the hands of those who have it, and that is not desirable to them.

The methods of the behemoth governments is not sustainable. They will collapse, either quickly, or hopefully, slower and more gracefully, to give free people a chance to fix the damage done. We don't need big, dominant governments. We need small ones that meet a very limited set of needs.

Ireland decided not to join the behemoth EU. The EU, which concentrates power in the hands of a very few, didn't like it, so they want to take another vote until they get the desired results, all the while spending countless taxpayer dollars on their propaganda.

I hope it's a sign of things to come. The economic reforms in Ireland have made it the 3rd most economically free country in the world according to the 2008 index of economic freedom (the US is #5, and headed down), and it'll probably be #1 soon. Go Irish (the real ones, not those Notre Dame wannabes).
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