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When I got my first BMW, Dick Rothermel from this forum told me "now, don't granny shift this thing like those harleys you're used to, especially the RT...she won't be happy if you short-shift it. Run it to at least 4,000 RPM before shifting and it'll be happy."

This month's Motorcycle Consumer News, like every issue, has a section where readers can send in their technical questions for answers from a master mechanic. One of the issues this month is about a Gold Wing that has major clutch slippage in fifth gear. Response to the problem included words to the effect that shifting to too high a gear at too low an engine speed (i.e. short-shifting, or granny shifting) can cause dramatically premature clutch wear, followed with the advice that after the bike is taken care of that the rider run well past 3,000 rpm before shifting, like it's been designed for.

Note 1: Thanks again, Dick!

Note 2: Who knew?

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