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After I had worn my original Shark Evoline modular for about 3 years, it fell of the seat of my bike and I decided to replace it. I have and still sometimes wear a Schuberth C2 (size large) and a Ducati Corse (size medium).

I tried on the new Schuberth 3 in both large and medium and found the medium too tight and the large too big. So I decided on another Shark and bought the Evoline 2 ST Moovit Lumi in a large.

I also ordered the Sharktooth which is Shark's Bluetooth Com System. The Sharktooth installed in about 5 minutes. There is a battery pouch built into the inside back of the helmet and it has indents for the speakers to avoid any pressure on the sides of your head. Pairing was straightforward and was accomplished on the first try. I have used it for only about 5 hours on a charge so know it lasts at least than long in full time usage.

The graphics absorb light during the day and emit a blue-green glow after dark. This is not a reflective graphic, but actually glows. In the light it appear gray with white graphics. For after dark appearance see attached thumbnail.

I know everyone does not "approve" of modulars, but the Shark Evoline is the only one I am aware of that is actually designed for riding with the chin bar in an upright position.

Pros: It fits. I like the option to ride with the chin bar up making it a 3/4 helmet. It is designed to easily receive the Sharktooth system. Internal operable sun visor. The glow in the dark graphics increase after dusk visibility.

Cons: Ventilation is basic and marginal unless you have the face shield in one of the several raised positions or the chin bar up. It is a heavy helmet due to the modular mechanism. It is not as quiet as the Schuberth.


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