For sale-used brake funnel

This funnel tool is for bleeding or flushing the servo assisted (Integral) ABS brake sytsems on late model BMW bikes. It is an affordable alternative to the OE BMW tool (# 341580 - cost $213) and will allow you to bleed and/or flush the brake fluid on your late model Integral ABS system yourself. The correct BMW ABS resevior cap is used in our funnel tool so the fit is perfect and air tight. The JVB R1200 Maintenance DVD gives step by step instructions for this procedure and we highly recommend buying the DVD for this procedure. If you do not already have the JVB R1200 maintenance DVD you can purchase one from us on the same section page you found this funnel tool. All you will need is funnel tool, simple hand tools, brake fluid and clear hose, and some common wooden shims from a home improvement or hardware store. For use on all late model BMW bikes with the servo assist ABS brakes (if with the bike on you hear a whining sound when squeezing the brake lever - you have servo assist brakes. This include All R1150R, R1150RS, R1150RT, K1200GT, R1200CL bikes. Also all R1150GS after 9/02, late model (2002 on) R1100S, K1200RS and K1200LT bikes. Also most R1200GS (before 2008), most R1200RT, most R1200ST and most K1200S/R/GT bikes.

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Servo Assist Brake Bleed/Flush Funnel Tool

Beemer boneyard is asking $39.95 plus shipping, I will take $35 and free shipping to the United States. International shipping can be discussed.