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This is my first post (I am writing from Italy) and I hope to do not ask for arguments already known.
After a long search on this forum and on some other (german spoken), I came to the conclusion that the matter is not completely clear.
I own a 2004 European Model (2005 USA) and I am looking dor the service manual on CD + electrical schematic.
As far as I have understood, the service manual could be ordered with these PN:
01 790 309 672 (2004)
01 797 696 333 (2006)
The 2006 CD is available in Germany at 38,00 €.
This information come from the page 4 of the 2006 price list for K1200LT that can be found here:
On these CDs there should no be any electrical schematic at all.
Now my question: is the schematic 2004 available in printed form or even on another CD?
Here in Italy we do not have either the chance to order the above mentioned CDs for repair.
Therefore you can imagine if we can guess to find the electrical wiring...
But we can order in Germany or elsewhere, if necessary.
I would appreciate any suggestion.


I already own the 1999 CD and the printed 1999 schematics.

1999 LTC
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Hi, Bruno -

Not sure just how much information this place has, butt check out this website in Europe - . And, as you already know, the electrical schematic is a separate document from the service manual.

Good luck in your search for the manual and schematic. Hopefully, someone from the European forum will provide further information for you.

Hope this helps.
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