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Sena SMH10 V4.1

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Just read a post BMWMOA forum that talks about the latest release of Sena SMH10 V4.1 looks like that there are some improvements for the K1600 Bluetooth connectivity. Take a look here for a few details.

Note the Sena Web page makes no mention of this mod, not even in the release notes?? :confused:
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I purchased the Sena SMH10 V4.1 and fed it the undate/upgrade. I found no change in the horribly garbled audio - no matter what the source! Spoken word was fair, but music was very bad - even at a low volume.

Returned it for a refund. The same goes for the Cardo Scala Rider G9. They're both nice systems, but they can't seem to break the 'BMW firmware' barrier...
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