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This is a great bike simple no computers to fail runs very well Has the large Acerbes Tank these tanks are not available in the US .
The NX was imported for only two years 88 &89 Parts are easly available at the dealers the NX was and is built and sold world wide as the Dominator here it was called the NX650 .

I also have the stock original tank if you want that.
bike has :
New Tires
New Sprockets
New Chain
New Optima Battery
all less than one weekend use.
I put them on for a trip to Death Valley in Feb worked very well. Un used since.

The Tank was red the bike was blue so I bed lined the Blue parts painted the rack red to match the tank and it looks very good.
Gets good milage save gas have an adventure live the life.
Bike is located near Sacramento.
Also has a good set of Street tires so you can comute on it as well. ( no extra rims)
And a supertrap two into one exhaust . and a Factory Honda manual
Milage unknown spedo sayes 22K but I have no proof. so I will make no claim as to it's acuracy.
More pics including one while in DV when it was stock.

I know this is the wrong place to list but I'm only listing for people I know

You know who you are.

Listed on Sacramento CL for $2000 Discount for the "Disturbed"


And is anybody hungry?


Some guy on the Interwebs
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Here you go:

This bike ran GREAT in Death Valley, we rode together often... :D

and yea, I'm hungry... :D
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