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Seals When In For The Weep Hole...

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I'm about to get with some buddies and drill a weep hole in an '02, an '03 and an '05. I'm trying to figure out which seals to preemptively replace, but having trouble figuring it out after much searching around (and therefore which part numbers to order for all three bikes). Would anyone know?

I also on my '05 have a very small oil leak on the top of the rubber boot - basically it's not enough oil to do anything other than create a "dusty" kind of coating that can be wiped off with a finger without leaving an oily residue. But if I'm in there I might as well sort that out too - any idea what seal that one is (and then I need to find a part number)?

Lastly the link in the sticky weep hole video thread that is supposed to be a procedure takes you to a PDF of a recall document for the alarm etc on early 05's. Does that procedure document exist anywhere?

Thanks guys!
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You won't be removing anything more than the swing arm and clutch slave to drill the weep hole, so there are no seals that will be accessed for replacement during that work other than the gearbox output shaft seal. I'm not 100% certain about the sealing arrangement on the clutch push rod forward of the slave though, others may be able to advise. On the clutch slave cylinder, take the time (and trouble) to investigate the possibility of getting some fresh grease into the thrust bearing that the clutch push rod presses on, it's located in the slave assembly. This bearing is the part that fails (siezes) and causes the slave cylinder piston to spin in the bore, wrecking the cylinder bore and piston/seals, then the fluid leaks out and it's alll over. So if the bearing failure can be prevented the weep hole will never see fluid, and that's what we all want.
+1 on what Dennis said. There only two seals you can get to with the swing arm out and the other one is just in front of the slave and is the rear seal for the transmission input shaft. I think I covered that one in the video. Not sure about a link to an alarm recall but I am aware of it and I'll see if I can dig up the applicable VINs. It affected extreme cold weather starts due to an alarm component hitting a relay.

I don't recommend preemptively replacing a good, non-leaking seal. However if either the slave or the rear input shaft seal IS leaking replace BOTH. The fluids are not compatible and one will take out the other, sooner if not later.

Found the recall but no VINs listed HERE
If the shift indicator switch is accessable while in there I'd clean it and coat the lugs with some dielectric grease. The 05 seems to be notorious for reading 0 and 1 on the gear indicator if exposed to any water at all............ :confused:
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