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Hi Guys,
I'm looking to go BT on my GSA and am thinking about going to a ZUMO 660 GPS and synching it to a Scala Rider headset for my intercom, phone, GPS and music.
However, I have been reading about the volume issue when playing music, and am concerned that it will not work the way I want it to. It seems like the volume when playing music is the chief complaint, however, I have run across a possible fix, that might be an easy way to make the music play louder through the headset. Can someone using the Scala unit try this and report back?
Thanks!!! :dance:

You can increase the volume of the song through iTunes software:
- Open iTunes.
- Select Library.
- Select a song or more songs. (press "Ctrl" key and "A" key together - for selecting all songs.)
- Right click and select "Get Info". (If a prompted to edit multiple items, select Yes)
- Navigate to Volume Adjustment at the bottom.
- Move the arrow upward toward +100%.
- Click OK. (If you select many songs, it may take awhile to process).
- Sync your iPod.
This is an easy way to increase the volume of an individual song or multiple songs.
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