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Hi guys, looking for a bit of advice please. I'm planning on fitting a Garmin Zumo 350LM to my 2003 LT
I went to my BMW dealer and bought the Navigator mount that fits to the petrol tank. I really like the look of the mount and the position seems just right.
Amazon delivered my Garmin today but I obviously have a problem because if I screw the Garmin cradle to the Navigator mount it is 90 degrees out of alignment
Does anyone know if I can buy an adaptor plate in the UK - does anyone actually make such an item?
I am attaching a picture of a work around I've come up with, with the parts I have available, but I'm afraid it may look a bit ugly. The picture shows the Navigator mount. You can see that I've screwed the 1" square ram mount to it. I've then fitted the twin ended ram mount adaptor. I've just ordered another 1" square ram mount, which I can fit on the other end of the twin adaptor and then screw the Garmin cradle to it the right way round
If anyone has had similar issues and solutions I would be very grateful for your advice :bmw:


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