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I purchased the protective film a few months ago for the K1600 GTL saddlebags.
Just getting around today to installation.

Open the cardboard packaging thinking I'd find some directions, but none there.

If anyone on the forum has done this installation themselves, are there any hints or kinks you would share on installing it?

Comes with a little plastic scraper, and I understand the concept of getting it aligned and air bubbles out.

I also note that online accessory dealers list this as "dealer installation required" --
Nothing mentioned to this effect at Lone Star when I bought the (both sides kit)

Now I read here about the film itself scratching and looking as bad as the paint would.
It is the BMW official accessory part, so I'm guessing as folks have said, that it is the 3M product.

Any ideas on what a 'professional film installer' might charge?
Thoughts and advice solicited.

Thanks, Paul --

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float it on with a very mild soap solution in a spray bottle.

Spray the bike surface,
peel the film from the backing, spray the film immediately to keep it from sticking to itself and reduce static, then position it on the wet surface.

Align it and squeegee the air bubbles to the edge.
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