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So my build date is coming up for a Russell Day Long seat for my 07 RT and I'm having second thoughts about spending the extra money on leather vice vinyl. So far I haven't really had any issues with the vinyl on the stock seat. Is the leather worth it? Is it any more comfortable? Are there times when the vinyl might be better? Am I over thinking this? Any help/advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Also, my wife has stopped short of guaranteeing never to ride again with me since my son was born (this could be a good thing, right?). With that said, I feel I should have the back seat built up by them (not just recovered) to keep both seats looking the same. I'd like to get some feedback from folks who've just had just the front seat built as well as from those who've had both built. Does it look "right" with just the front seat done, etc., etc.

Thanks in advance foe everyone's feedback.

1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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