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running lights

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might be my imagination but are my turn signals on my 05 rt also running lights, cant remember and hate to fix something not broke.
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No. The running lights are the small bulbs at the outside edge of the headlight assembly (within the integrated lens), plus both low beam headlights when the engine is running. The turn signals come on and blink only when activated. Running lights are white, turn signals are amber.

Same deal at the other end. Your taillight (red) is on all the time, brake light (brighter red) when activated, and turn signals (amber) when activated.

So if you're seeing your bike sit there without the turn signal bulbs lit up all the time, it's not broke. So don't fix it.

At least that's the way the US bikes are configured. Don't know about the international versions.

I have an 07 LT and the front turn signals on mine are a dual filament and are on but not as bright as when the signals are activated. The turn signals in the rear are amber and a single filament and only come on when activated. That was until today anyway,all turn and brake lights work but the running (front turn and rear ) no longer work.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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