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running lights

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For the running light conversion:
I looked in the FAQ and it says to wire the low filament into the headlight low beam wire. Is there an easy way to recognize this and can it be done thru the turn signal lens opening or does plastic have to come off?

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Don't know that I would use the low beam headlight wire. Maybe use the "park lamp" wire instead. That way if there were an electrical issue that would blow a fuse, it wouldn't be taking out your headlight at a time you might really need it.
Also, if you use the park lamp wire it is accessible without removing any plastic. It's right there in front.
running light

I used the pos wire from the parking light and spliced the third wire from the turn signals onto it, did not have to touch the headlight wiring
runninig lights

brian i just modified my k1200lt to have running lights in the front turn signals
i bought the double filament sockets from raffy at just ride accessories , they were'nt much. . tied into the parking light wire, had to modify the turn signal socket a little. . a what a difference, took an hour or so. . karl. . also check out the replacement leds for the saddle bags from raffy. . that took longer but well worth it. . .
I did the conversion on my 2003--bought the sockets from the BMW dealer, and probably got ripped off. The parking light wire is the easiest to access. The whole job is relataively easy.
Everyone mentions this parking lamp wire within the front headlight area, can anyone provide details...

Color of the wire, location, etc....

The parking lamp wire is very easy to find--look in your headlight assembly from the front and you'll see the little parking lamp lightbulb (it's just a little thing). Now, just look underneath it and you'll see the wire going to it.
There is one good reason NOT to use the parking light wire for the running lights. If you have to leave the bike by the side of the road, or parked for any reason where you want the park lights (small bulb in front, and center bulb in the tail light) on, you would not want the front running lights to also be on, would run the battery down WAY to fast.

I used the low beam headlight wire for my running light conversion, that way they are on when low beam is on, but not if you just leave the park lights on.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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