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RTE Saturday 4/14 & 4/21

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I've posted about the Big Money Rally in the past (Link Here) and now as it's winding down (it actually ends one month from today) some fun activities are in place. There are to Ride-To-Eat bonus' happening the next two weekends. You don't have to be a participant to stop by and kick tires but there is still time to enter and grab some cool bonus locations and attend the finish banquet in NV on the 12th of May.

Saturday 4/14 RTE: Issaquah, WA

Saturday 4/21 RTE: Dexter, OR

We will be riding our newly powered LT to both. BTW the new engine is really nice!
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Sounds like just the ticket, but we have company Saturday and Sunday. Glad the new power plant is humming along. As I recall you were rebuilding shocks, etc. as well. How's the whole package?

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