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RT wiring question

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Recently pulled tupperware off my '07 RT. During re-assembly I came across a disconnected wiring block with 1 x green/blue wire and 1 x brown wire leading to it.
The wires lead back to the forward part of the bike frame on the right side.
I can't find the other side of this joining block. Everything seems to work OK.
Can sometime please tell me what should be connected to this block and where I should look for the other end of the circuit?
Regards to all.
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There are several connectors around the bike that are not used. Intended for GPS, alarms and other factory devices. You can check these to see if they power up when the key goes on or if they are powered all the time and use. Matching plug in connectors can be purchased from BMW (look over the electrical section in the Max parts fiche for your bike or one near in years) The one you have found may be for a second horn. Somewhere around 2009 the harness did not have a second horn connector any longer. The dual horns sound really good.
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