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rwbloch said:
I am heading out west again in early June, the first leg of my ride going from northern Vermont to St. Louis, where I will meet a friend for the next leg, to Santa Fe. Looking at the map, I thought I would ride to around Zanesville, Ohio, then work my way southwest, perhaps crossing the Ohio at Maysville, then looking for the nicest route (non slab) to see the "best of Kentucky" - bluegrass country and other stuff. Any route suggestions, either more detailed takes on my concept, or something altogether different? Thanks.
From Zanesville here's Ohio's Triple Nickle. It was such great fun, I road it both ways with a small group. You can always find a turn off and head more to the west or ride it to the Ohio River and follow SR 7 west.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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