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Left for North Carolina on Sunday with two others. One riders was going to have his dad with him, however his dad met us up there in Robinsville NC. We got there Sunday night, went to eat at Dillsboro, got back late.

Next day, did the Dragon, then headed up the Foothills Parkway. Nice sweepers until we came arround a construction zone with a detour. Foothills has been closed for a year or two for a landslide. They have made a overlook parking area as a detour. This is where the trip went bad. Dad, took the curve too wide, saw curb, went to curb, saw sign, hit sign and exited his motorcycle. Landed on the road and motorcycle on the other side. After an hour, he road to Marysville in pain. Found a hospital and that is all she wrote. 3 broken ribs, ripped goin musle, and a sworn ankle later. Glad we stopped. My buddy ended up renting a u-haul with trailer for his dad's and his motorcycle.

We helped all day with getting the u-haul and his dad on Monday. Tuesday we helped see them off. We continued the long way home Tuesday.

Becareful in Foothills Parkway at the construction zone. It is deceasing radius curve. From the looks of it, his dad was not the first to go down and probably will not be the last.
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