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riding in the rain...

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I bet that like many of you, we use our LT as transportation for work.

Well I had a trip I scheduled from Orlando to Columbia SC over to ATL and then home to Orlando. Airfare was over $1000 for the trip so a quick approval from the boss ,(1100 miles X .45 = $495 and $600+ savings for the company)

Well Sunday came around the Hurricane Debby was sending bad vibes my way. Lots of rain but not too much wind.

So I sucked it up, geared up, manned up, grew a pair and got on the bike with two suits in the panniers and off I went.

The whole time, Billy Joel singing in my head

Even rode my motorcycle in the rain
And you told me not to drive
But I made it home alive
So you said that only proves that I'm insane

So now the real questions.

1. Should the tire pressure be the same for long distance riding in the rain?
I would think that less pressure would provide a bigger contact patch.

2. Other tips LT specific for rain riding?

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as far as the tire pressure, I was just stabbing in the dark.

@Dave, once I was on 95N and outside of Daytona, I just kept here at 70MPH and hung on for the ride...
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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