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At one month before my April 27 departure, my itinerary is pretty much set. In addition to these tremendously useful comments, I want to thank Jamie Jensen, author of Road Trip USA , for his personalized advice by email.

Here's where I'm off to (take it for granted that all travel will be on 2-lane roads, interstates used only to circumvent metropolitan areas such as DFW and El Paso): if anyone has advice about any of these destinations, such advice is quite welcome!

1. Potomac MD to Athens OH
2. Athens to Madison IN (via KY, bypassing Cinci)
3. Madison to Sainte-Genevieve MO (cutting south into IL well before St. Louis, crossing into Sainte-Genevieve by the little ferry into town)
4. Sainte-Genevieve to Clarksdale MS (via TN, staying at Shack Up Inn!)
5. Clarksdale to Jefferson TX (crossing into AR at Greenville MS and going over to Texarkana)
6. Jefferson to Abilene TX
7. Abilene to Marfa TX
8. Marfa to Lordsburg NM
9. Lordsburg to Scottsdale AZ (visiting relatives in this city)
10. Scottsdale to Las Vegas NV (pick up my wife at the airport) (steps 11-13 are 2-up)
11. Las Vegas to Palm Desert CA (through via 29 Palms)
12. Palm Desert to Sedona, AZ and the Grand Canyon
13. Then back to Las Vegas where we ship the bike home (from Las Vegas BMW) and fly home.
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