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Ride tomorrow 10/2/05

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Howdy All,

For the one or, as impossible as it may sound, two of us that are not going to Ft. Bragg this weekend I have an alternative.

Sunday meet at Western Coffee Pot. At 9 AM we will depart for a 5 Pass ride in the Sierras. The ride is sponsored by the River City Beemers. I'm guessing the ride would end by 5 PM.
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Well that was FUN !!

Got out late & played catch up ... caught upto group in dresslerville at the mini mart/gas station.

Those clouds were pretty spooky looking most of the day, and that ride over carson pass on the way home @ 3:00 .. 45 degrees !! damm nippy !

Pretty loose group for being a RCB event, unimpressed with that aspect of doing a group ride with new folks.

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