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This past winter I removed all fairings + luggage & hard per painted. I did maintenace work & cleaned electrical connections. Bike looks & runs great!

But, I found my reverse gear does not work.

When in reverse the light comes on, when I hit the button the engine revs slightly but no rearward movement.

Any help to troubleshoot is appreciated.

Thank you.


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Sounds like the switches on the knob are OK and the start button signal is being fed to the controller (engine speeds up slightly and dash light comes on "R").

If you had the battery out then I suspect the input to the reverser controller did not get hooked back up to the positive terminal. Look for a 10mm black wire with a yellow stripe and a RED sleeve at the terminal lug. That is 12v in to the controller. Also there is a 10mm black/yellow wire with a black sleeve that ties to the isulated tie point behind the battery ( shifter side) - that is the starter feed tie point. And last but not least a 10mm black/yellow with a BROWN sleeve - that one goes to the ground tie point behind the battery (brake side). All these wires originate at the reverser controller.
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