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Hi. Anybody able to comment is there a (real) reason to renew the clutch push rod while renewing the slave cylinder? There seems to be an updated / improved one available with "felt"

09 21 52 7 659 112 ROD - L=258MM
This is an improved part from BMW. They added a groove on it to all the felt to be added. Make sure you
purchase the 440 felt when purchasing this rod.

Is the felt there just to keep possibly leaking brake fluid away from clutch (so kind of pure substitute for a weephole)

- Seppo

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There was a piece of felt on the rod when my clutch failed. I put it back when I replaced the clutch. I don't think it would do much good. I can only soak up so much fluid. The rod itself didn't show any wear. It doesn't have to travel far with a belleville style clutch. I replaced my clutch disc and put another 50,000 on it before I wrecked it. It always worked fine............. :)

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The felt is there to keep the rod from rattling in the shaft not stop fluid migration
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