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The original grips on my bike were deteriorating giving me gooey black marks on my hands after riding. I did some digging around then and purchased 2 sets of Biltwell thruster grips in a 1" size. For most bikes a set of grips is 2 different sizes, 1" for the throttle side, and 7/8" for the clutch side, but I needed 3 at least an 1" size to replace the K1200 with heated grips. The 1" size was a fair stretch to put on the K1200, but with lots of soap and effort they did go on. Unfortunately they didn't hold up very well, they seemed very sticky right from the start and they tended to pick up dust dirt and skin oils to make a messy sticky coimbination. Scrub then clean with hot soapy water, let them dry, but they still always felt sticky.

Jump ahead a couple years to today...
I found what appears to be a decent set of grips on Amazon. They are listed as 25mm but hey come with a 25 and a 28mm grip. Listed on Amazon as Aramox 25mm Universal Handlebar Handlebar Grip at $12.29/pair (Get 2 pair).

Here is the Amazon listing:
Font Automotive tire Cylinder Parallel Fashion accessory

These were the biltwell grips:
Tire White Automotive tire Light Bicycle handlebar

First Step is to carefully stretch and cut the OEM rubber grips off the handlebars while being careful not to cut the heating wires. There is a plastic piece at the end of the bars that has to be trimmed down in diameter as much as can be without cutting the feed wire. Then take a roll of black PVC tape and start at the end of the bar, overlap wrap the tape to up to about 3/4 inch of the controls and then wrap it back to the end of the bar. That builds up the diameter of the bar a bit. Please note the direction of wrap from teh controls out to the end of the bar as the last layer, that way the edge of the tape is facing the controls and sliding the grip on won't catch the edge to peel it up.

Grip removed and wrapped with PVC tape.
Bicycle handlebar Vehicle Automotive tire Automotive lighting Automotive design

Once done that, spray a bit of soapy water onto the bar, and inside the grip. Line it up and shove it into position, turning it a bit as you go to make it slide on easier. To play it safe, let the water dry out overnight and you are good to go.

New grips installed:
Tire Automotive tire Vehicle White Light

Now I have to take her for a spin to really decide how they feel, but just sitting here in the garage for a few minutes, they feel pretty decent.

Now you have couple 25mm (1") grips leftover to put on a shovel handle or something.
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